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Working Families

“Are we ok?  How would we even know”

Time is precious. We get it. Everywhere you turn, people want a little bit of your time, your money, your help. You go through month after month feeling pretty good about today. But are you - ok?

Our DBT360 Financial Plan process was born out of the same challenge that so many of our friends and colleagues were facing: they were financially sound today, but had no idea whether they were on track for tomorrow, much less twenty years from now.

We support our families by providing the following services:

  • Comprehensive Life Goal Financial Plan
  • Analysis of company retirement plans, including 401(k), stock options, deferred compensation, and pensions
  • Philanthropic strategy for your family
  • Investment services to complement company retirement plans (i.e. college savings plan)
  • Insurance consulting including life and disability
  • Referrals to other strategic professionals, including attorneys and CPAs

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