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We help our clients build a framework for thoughtful decisions about their financial plans through a proprietary planning process we call the DBT360 Financial Plan.

Through the process, we stand in the center with each client and examine resources and risks from the inside out and from every angle. We take an optimistic, comprehensive view and create well-defined steps for individualized financial planning with the flexibility to adjust for new goals, opportunities and challenges.


The first stage of the DBT 360 Financial Plan begins with a simple question: “How can we help you?” Working together to answer the question provides a clear understanding of where you are financially and where you want to be. This is your purpose and sets us on our course. We then discuss your values and how they influence your money decisions, so we can establish short- and long-term goals to meet your purpose.

Are you clear about where you are and where you want to be, but don’t know how to get there? We provide the necessary focus and concrete steps to cross the finish line. Are your past activities or priorities no longer aligned with your purpose? We work together to develop a long-term strategy for success.


In the second stage of the planning process, we conduct a thorough analysis of your available resources — the building blocks of your financial plan. We call this your potential.

We review bank accounts and pay stubs, current and possible investments, growth opportunities, family wealth and “windfall” expectations. If you are a small-business owner, we analyze your business model and projections to consider all paths to financial growth.


We also identify pitfalls — risks that can limit the potential of your financial plan.

We conduct a comprehensive risk analysis, including present debt and future borrowing needs. We consider professional and personal challenges that range from industry-specific threats to family health or dependent issues. We then make decisions about whether to accept, eliminate or mitigate these pitfalls.


Next, our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ generate and implement a detailed plan. You receive personalized investment recommendations that balance your available resources with your risk tolerance. The financial plan considers potential and pitfalls and incorporates insurance programs as needed to mitigate risks. We seamlessly integrate our plan with guidance from outside estate attorneys and tax professionals to reach your purpose.


The DBT360 analysis is never complete. Our financial planners review and monitor your plan’s progress annually. At any time, you can view your plan and up-to-the-minute financial picture through our online financial platform. We host regular status conferences to review changes, celebrate goals achieved, and reset or restructure strategies if priorities change. Potentials become realities, pitfalls disappear/reappear and the purpose may change or expand. Our process, values and consistent monitoring give our clients confidence they are making the right financial decisions at the right time for the given circumstances.

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