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Invest In Others

June 05, 2019

One of the benefits of having a career in finance is the vast idea sharing that happens across industry sectors to help individuals and families to use their money to have the lives they want, especially in the area of raising children. I was recently interviewed by Invest in Others, an organization that celebrates financial advisors for all of the charitable work that we do in our communities. In 2013 I was a finalist for the Volunteer of the Year Award for helping to start the United Way GroundFloor social innovation program, and I have remained aligned with Invest in Others and the positive change that so many financial advisors have created in communities throughout the country and around the world.

When Invest In Others contacted me for some ideas about how parents can raise financially smart and fiscally responsible children, I gave them some basic ideas that I recommend to families as part of the DBT360 Plan, and also wound up talking about how we do things in the Tagg home. Here is a sneak peek into our life.

We are also putting the finishing touches on another blog focused on the crucial lessons children learn when they earn their own money from someone other than Mom or Dad. Stay tuned.