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Get Ready for the 2018 BFS Family Service Day

August 02, 2018

I love this time of year. Summer starts to give way to fall, school forces us back to a weekly schedule, and business and community events find themselves back on my calendar, as we reconnect with friends and piece together all of the plans we dreamed up over the summer months.

To help get you jump-started, make plans to join us for this year’s Brennan Financial Services Family Service Day, to be held on September 15, in conjunction with Communities Foundation of Texas’ Freedom Day celebration. Our tradition with this event is to spend a couple of hours with friends and family, clients and colleagues, serving the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) to help package food which will be given to families who don’t have enough to eat or provide for their kids. We are equally excited that we will be serving this year in NTFB’s new location in Plano, where our volunteers will be one of the very first groups to serve in the facility.

As a family and as a firm, we believe in supporting our community, which has been so supportive of our business. What we know from our work in the community is that families – whether they have means or they don’t – have a few things in common. Moms and Dads want to keep their kids safe, healthy, and nourished. They want opportunities for themselves and for their children. Those of us who can afford to take our kids out for burgers or pizza simply can’t understand what it’s like to look into an empty pantry and wonder where the next meal will come from. The truth is that almost 300,000 children in North Texas are food insecure. I wrote a blog when I was in Leadership Dallas about the damaging effects that poverty has on kids, and that being hungry weakens their health, education, and opportunities for success. We want to help those kids and their families. The NTFB served 70 million meals in 2017, and needs volunteers like us to help them reach their goal to serve 92 million meals per year. We hope you can join us to be a part of the solution that helps these families.

Make sure to watch for the invitation to the event, which will arrive in your inbox soon. In the meantime, check out this video from last year’s BFS Family Service Day.  We hope to see you on September 15.