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Entering a Brave New World: Q4 Risks and Opportunities Report

February 10, 2023

Since mid-2022, we’ve been predicting that 2024 will be the year the financial markets are healthy again – and we seem to be on course for that to happen. 

So what does that mean for 2023? This is our transition year. 

The pandemic is (mostly) behind us, but its impact is far-reaching and long-lasting, creating a fundamentally different global economic environment that requires new strategies to build and defend wealth.

As we move into this Brave New World, the theme of this edition of Risks and Opportunities, central banks are still raising rates – but the pace of those increases has slowed. We’re still dealing with uncertainty surrounding whether we’ll experience a recession – but the strength of the employment market indicates that if we do, it will be shallow and brief.

Inflation and interest rates are still higher than anything we’ve seen since the financial crisis.

Together, all of these elements create different potential for investors. Growth stocks will be challenged, yes, but there’s opportunity in value stocks, companies that produce dividends, and a wide variety of bonds. As long as markets remain volatile, investors will be looking for high-quality companies. 

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