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BFS Advisory Group presents The Aspen Society: Financial Wellness for Women

BFS Advisory Group presents The Aspen Society: Financial Wellness for Women

April 22, 2021

I recently joined a panel of female professionals in the finance industry, where we addressed women from around the world during International Women’s Week.

The topic? Confidence.

A few weeks later I addressed financial planning with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, who ranged from elementary school students to high schoolers heading off to college.

The theme of my talk? Confidence.

It seems that along with the gender pay gap, women have a money confidence gap.  Just 23% of women say they feel very financially prepared (vs. 34% of men), 19% consider themselves financially savvy (vs. 33% of men), and 47% say they feel confident in their ability to manage their finances (vs. 61% of men).

The key to developing confidence? A strong base of knowledge. This doesn’t have to mean a degree in economics, rather, an understanding of your financial position, how you’d like to grow or change that position, the risks you might encounter, and what it will take to get there.

We think that if women are armed with this confidence, they will be more likely to reach their earning potential. If more women reach their potential, they will, invariably, hold the door open for other women. In sum, if we close the money confidence gap, we can close the earnings, investment, and savings gap.

That’s why BFS Advisory Group is launching The Aspen Society on May 13. Part webinar, part power lunch, 100% frank discussions about money, The Aspen Society is a forum for women to discuss finances openly with their peers and gain confidence in making, keeping and investing their money. The Aspen Society “grew” out of our female founder’s passion to address the challenges and opportunities specific to women and their finances.

While for now The Aspen Society is a webinar series, we cross our fingers that we will be in person before year-end. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and goals are invited, so please join us or pass this along to the women in your life that want to make more confident money decisions.