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10 pallets, 300 boxes, 4,650 pounds, 3,875 meals

February 05, 2016

10 pallets, 300 boxes, 4,650 pounds, 3,875 meals packaged in only two hours!


Thanks to all who joined us January 30th for the 2016 TeamDBT Brennan Financial Services Family Service Day.  We put our hands to work with clients, colleagues, friends, and families to pack food for those in Dallas less fortunate than most - children, retirees, and working parents who just can’t make ends meet. 


Why this matters to all of us:


The North Texas Food Bank delivers 170,000 meals per day, and they don’t expect that number to go down.  That means they serve about 62M meals per year.  Unfortunately, they estimate that the need is to serve 92M meals per year.  The NTFB and other local food banks need our ongoing, relentless help to serve families with this most basic need.


What you can do:


Volunteer today.  The NTFB is a fantastic place to volunteer since the need is great, and volunteers can make a difference very quickly.  They have space for people to volunteer Tuesday through Saturday weekly.  There are also lots of other places that need volunteers every day to be able to help your and my fellow man.  I encourage you and your family to find a place that means something to you and donate some time, if you haven’t yet experienced the positive feelings of giving back.