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We covered a lot of ground at last week’s Aspen Society webinar. A short synopsis:

  • Financial markets always have Risks and Opportunities. Throughout the global and domestic stock and bond markets, we have some obvious risks including inflation, supply chain woes, and potential interest rate increases. We also have very distinct opportunities such as strong consumer demand and an ongoing economic recovery fueled by global central bank policy and government support. 


  • Innovation is all around us, providing new opportunities as we look ahead to 2030. From healthcare and energy to the very way we use money, new markets are developing with significant investment potential going forward.


  • Your portfolio should serve your financial plan, not the other way around. Your investments should serve your goals, both long- and short-term, and that may mean having different levels of risk in your assets. 

Click here to download our market report, “Risks and Opportunities” and The World in 2030, detailing future-focused investment opportunities from presenter Luke Trammell.  

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